A description of library scavenger hunt

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Fun activities @ your library®

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library scavenger hunt

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Library Scavenger Hunt

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Children are given a sentence of paper with allergies of five or six children's deliberate characters, each with a summary next to it. A great activity for your homechool group or co-op is a library scavenger hunt.

Working with your librarian, plan a gathering for homeschoolers that includes sending the kids throughout the library to find resources, so they'll get to know the library better. The following fun and engaging activities were designed to help you promote your library and engage youngsters at the same time!

The contest, game, and scavenger hunt documents can be easily customized to suit your needs/library. Mar 08,  · Rethinking the Library Scavenger Hunt March 8, March 8, designerlibrarian 6 Comments A fellow librarian once told me that library scavenger hunts are a waste of time.

For the first time in my admittedly short teaching career, I created and oversaw a library scavenger hunt for my class this semester. As critics of the activity have argued, the library scavenger hunt is at risk of purposelessness, particularly if it’s not designed with clear pedagogical or research goals in mind.

I always like to do some sort of a “Scavenger Hunt” with the upper grades at the beginning of the year. It helps the students reacquaint themselves with the library, but it also helps them notice changes that may have been made over the summer.

The scavenger hunts take place on weekends and are played on teams of up to six people. No knowledge of any hunt location is required—all you need is a sharp mind and a good pair of shoes.

Advance purchase is required for all hunts.

A description of library scavenger hunt
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