A description of my place of employment

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Getting a Job - Sources Of Career Information

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How to Find a Person's Place of Employment

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Fact Sheet #62J: What does “place of employment” mean? This fact sheet provides general information concerning “place of employment” under the H-1B program. The term “place of employment” means the worksite or physical location where an H-1B nonimmigrant worker. Select a job to review the description and requirements.

Submit a resume/curriculum vitae (CV) to the job(s) that match your interests and qualifications by clicking the Apply Now button. Your submission is immediately forwarded to.

General types of job behaviors occurring on multiple jobs. Information Input (5 elements) — Where and how are the information and data gained that are needed to perform this job?

Interacting With Others (17 elements) — What interactions with other persons or supervisory activities occur while performing this job? A good place to post it is in a locker or lunchroom or an area where employees can take breaks.

You can obtain the Equal Employment Opportunity Poster by contacting the nearest OFCCP office. Also, include in the letter a description of the job duties and a listing of any required job qualifications.

Keep a file with a copy of all the. Q My daughter has been working for the same company for the past three years. Two years ago she was told her duties included being a key holder and being on call 24/7 in case of break-ins and.

My job description did not required for me to be a notary; however, I was told that it would be beneficial for the City.

I started doing notaries for the company without an agreement - I now have signatures and still no compensation or agreement.

A description of my place of employment
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