A description of serve and volley style in tennis

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The 5 Basic Tennis Strokes – An Overview

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Serve and volley

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The Four Styles of Tennis Play and Strategies to Beat Them

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The Four Styles of Tennis Play and Strategies to Beat Them

The serve is the most important shot in tennis. All points begin with a serve. The key to this stroke is fluidity, rotation, and use of the entire body to snap upward into the shot. * Organized match play bringing High School players together with adult tennis community.

* Encourage and create awareness of serve & volley style play * Create connections in our tennis community that will lead to more social play, practice, matches, tournaments, more leagues.

Apr 18,  · There are four primary styles of singles play in tennis: aggressive baseliner, serve-and-volleyer, counterpuncher, and all-court player. Knowing the preferred style of play of your opponents is key to determining the right strategy and tactics to Reviews: Description.

Whether he’s headed out to play or practice, the Fila Boys’ Serve and Volley Tennis Crew is a perfect addition to your little one’s athletic wardrobe. This kid-friendly style features a printed graphic at the center. Serve and Volley Strategies Strategy # 1 – Wide serve and open court volley.

The first strategy in the tennis serve and volley is to serve wide and then volley in the open court. A wide serve means to hit the corners of the sidelines but not beyond them. In tennis, a volley is a tennis shot that is hit by the player before the ball bounces or hits the court while approaching the net or while at the net.

The main purpose of coming to the net and volleying is to take control of the point and allow yourself to hit at more of an angle, thus closing out the point.

Tennis strategy A description of serve and volley style in tennis
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