A description of the history often tracing back to primary sources

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History of India

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Native American Studies Research Guide: Introduction

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Search. The Black Death by Giovanni Boccaccio: HistoryWiz Primary Source. Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian writer from Florence wrote this description of the plague in an introduction to The Decameron.

The Signs of Impending Death "The symptoms were not the same as in the East, where a gush of blood from the nose was the plain. Music History from Primary Sources The Art of Musical Notation. In its primary sources, music merges with the representational arts.

Oral tradition has played a fundamental role in all ages, but in its formal sense, history--and the history of music--begins with the visual record. Frequently asked questions about the transcontinental railroad.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum. Subjects English --Creative writing History --U.S.

Primary source

history --World history Digital Literacy Grade Brief Description Students use history knowledge, critical thinking and digital literacy skills to tweet clues and guess the historical figure, period or event related to those clues.

Historiography: Historiography, the writing of history, especially the writing of history based on the critical examination of sources, the selection of particular details from the authentic materials in those sources, and the synthesis of those details into a narrative that stands the test of critical.

During my first few years of teaching the majority of my days were spent studying Australian History alongside Year 9 students. At the time I was teaching in a secondary school where the students represented over 90 nationalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Transcontinental Railroad