Do headings count in word count extended essay

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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme can challenge, discipline and motivate you. It provides you with the tools to be best prepared for tertiary studies anywhere in the world. ToK/EE EE word count: what counts?

submitted 1 year ago by OldTurnWood Hey everyone, could someone clarify for me what is counted in the EE word count? The length of the extended essay.

The upper limit is 4, words for all extended essays. This upper limit includes the introduction, the body, the conclusion and any quotations, but.

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Formatting Your IB Extended Essay!!

Moving from back office to front office?

The Final Draft!! Order of Items! • Conclusion (EE word count on final page) • Reference List • Appendices! • You may use headings to denote the various parts of the paper but name them purposefully (not Body, Main, etc.).

Do headings count in word count extended essay
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Does the IB actually review the essay word counts? : IBO