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Techniques for managing theses using Microsoft Word

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Dot Leader Instructions

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Page numbering in word 2007 for thesis writing

In either do, to return to the same form in your document, simply double spacing on the footnote number.

Apply this same time to remove numbering from any of your already heading which don't want under a Chapter. the page numbering from the first page of Section 2, starting at i. 4. For Section 3, the Main Body Text, do the same thing.

Go to the first page of your main body text (the first page of Section 3), click Insert - Page Numbers - Format, and change the Microsoft Word - Most PhD thesis nowadays are printed double sided, so you'll have to make sure odd page numbers are on the right (i,iii,v and 1,3,5), and even page numbers on the left.

Q. How do I number pages differently in the various sections of my thesis or dissertation?

You'll also want certain pages (eg: the Declaration, and Chapter headings) to occur on the right (on an odd page) and the page on the right of them to be blank. of page numbers (Roman vs.

Arabic) and to insert page numbers. 6. Manually insert a table of contents and list of figures. To get the page numbers to line up correctly on the right side of the page, modify the tab setting (by default, tabs are ½ inch).

a. Put your cursor where you want to begin typing your table of contents. b. If document has no page numbers when section breaks are added • To assign the page number 1 to the first page of Chapter 1 (or page number iii to the first page of the acknowledgements page or first page of the table of contents), begin by clicking anywhere on the first page of chapter 1 (or acknowledgements page or table of contents).

Page numbers must be displayed at the bottom of the page, either centered or right justified. The Graduate School has specific requirements for how pages are numbered: Table 2.

Page numbering requirements. Document Section Page Number Displayed Page Count Preliminary pages (before the Table of Contents) No Begins with the first page in your document. Using Word Printing two-sided. Have only pictures inserted onto pages - no text. Want to alternate the margins so that the pictures are, in a sense, right-aligned on.

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