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Virtue signalling

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Change. Resources relating to signalling in other areas.

EN 50126 / IEC 62278

Nottingham to Lincoln — “Midland Microcosm” As well as the Derby area, my other strong signalling interest is the Nottingham – Lincoln branch of the Midland Railway (I deliberately skipped over Trent and Nottingham as the signalling of those areas seemed too complicated to me!).

Back in the day of mechanical signalling, it was comparatively simple to prove that signalling interlockings did what they were supposed to do. Feb 16,  · Signaling or Signalling. Which one is correct? Depends on whether you mean US or UK English. In the UK, "l" is always doubled at the end of such words, in the US, never.

The term ‘virtue signalling’ may sound as if it comes from the field of social sciences, but the Oxford New Words Corpus* reveals that it is used mainly by journalists writing opinion pieces in blogs or newspapers, especially those with right-wing sympathies such as Fox News or Noun.

He likes her but he is sending the wrong signals with his constant teasing. The teacher gave us the signal to finish what we were working on and hand in our tests. Faulty wiring in the train station caused a signal to malfunction. Verb. Robins signal the arrival of spring.

Recognizing Transitions or Signal Words

The election results surely signal the start of a new era. A lock on the suitcase might signal that there's.

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