Theoretical description and empirical evidence over

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The Business Case for Corporate Sustainability:: Literature Review and Research Options. Over the past few decades several theoretical frameworks on the relationship between social or environmental and financial performance have emerged.

Description Empirical evidence. Theoretical Description and Empirical Evidence; Empirical evidence on LOP Early empirical literature on the validity of the law of one price finds little support in favour of the hypothesis. conduct an empirical study over the long-run validity of PPP concluding that “PPP may hold in the long run after all”.

The authors attribute. All of these studies, which are supported by empirical evidence, argue that the policymaking of democratic governments is shaped by transparency and, importantly, democratic governments have incentives to obfuscate evidence. Data Description. Empirical analysis of this study includes thirty-one UMCs from to These countries exhibit variation in the level of FDI flows and regime types over time and across countries which in turn make them appropriate for a discriminating statistical assessment.

The empirical evidence on the relation of regime types and. Our empirical study of US equity mutual funds supports these theoretical insights. We show that the SR of poorly diversified funds is biased upwards in bear markets, and vice versa.

Empirical evidence

Subsequently, we confirm that actual fund SRs depend on especially the mean excess returns of the market. First, I extend the the theoretical model of Ehrlich and Becker () to find the relationship between health insurance and obesity; and then supplement the theoretical findings with empirical evidence, using BRFSS data from to among American young adults.

Convergence in Local Government Spending: Evidence from Wisconsin Theoretical description and empirical evidence over
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Political Regimes and FDI Inflows: Empirical Evidence from Upper Middle Income Countries